Privacy Policy

In this  Privacy Policy Litostil inform the visitors and users of  this Website "" (from hereinafter the "Website") about  the procedures and ways in which we handle the Protection  of  your personal data with carefulness and sensitiveness, in order to secure the privacy of this users' Website. Please  do read our Private Policy carefully, as  it is applied both when  visit  this Website  or simply browse through it using our services, therefore  you may  or you may not purchase our products.

Please do  read, unless you have already read it, the Conditions of Use of  the Website  which provides important  information about the main features and about the security measures used  by the Website.

Browsing through the Website does not require any registration, except  in  some  specific sections and for specific services ( e.g.,  such as purchase, subscription to a newsletter, or the requests  for information)  for which the user, with a prior consent, may provide personal  data voluntarily. In case the user is required to provide certain personal information and details for the access to our services, in  compliance with Italian Legislative Decree ( D.Lgs)  30th   June 2003 n. 196, "Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali"  "Italian Personal Data Protection Code" (from hereinafter the "Code") and the Regulation UE 679/2016 "General Data Protection Regulation" (from hereinafter the "Regulation"), we will explain   Litostil's  methods and purposes of   collecting and use users' data, the users' right of withdrawal at any time or the data updating.  References to the Code quoted in this Privacy Policy notice, and in the Website, will be valid and in force   from the effective date of the Regulation 25th May 2018.

The Website is not intended for children under 16. Children under 16 are not allowed to create an account  or provide, in any way, their personal data.

Pursuant to the Code and the Regulation, Litostil provides the following information

1.  Data Controller 

Personal Data Controller is Litostil s.a.s. (from hereinafter "Listostil"), registered offices in Fagagna (UD) , via G.A. Pilacorte, n.2, P.I. 01555470309, registered to the Business Register  of  Udine  nr. 0155470309 REA n. UD-180836( from hereinafter  the "Controller" or the "Company")

Only for our managing and business needs, we have appointed some service providers in order to manage the Website on our behalf, as local officers  for processing the users' personal data,  for purposes strictly connected and  associated to the services offered by the Website, the purchase of products included. 

To get in touch with our data protection Officer, pursuant to Regulation Article  n.37, regarding the processing of Personal Data send e-mail to:  

2. Types of data collected 

No registration is required to visit the Website. Nevertheless there are some sections in the Website which required a registration or a username and password (e.g., to be registered into the  customer personal area, or to complete the on-line purchase process), or  other services  which required users' personal data ( e.g., your data may be required to log into  newsletter services or  to contact us, etc.).

For  the data connected with  browsing in  the Website please, do refer to section nr. 6 regarding the Profiling Technologies used in the Website.  

3. Personal Data Provision Option

Personal data provision is generally optional. But, in some specific cases,  failure to provide such data may deny the access to the services required (e-g., registration and provision  data such as :  age, e-mail address, credit/debit card or bank references, telephone number,  are required to go on with the online purchase of products);  through the failure of such data   Litostil may deny to access to the services of the Website  or may not answer to the users' requests.

The necessary data will be shown in the data collecting form of  the Website each time, e.g., they will be indicated by a (*). Any failure in data provision will bring to some consequences as shown in the specific notice in  the collecting data section.

4. Purposes

Data are collected and processed with purposes strictly connected to the use of the Website, of its services and to the  online purchases. The purposes for all the cases of collecting data are indicated, in detail, in the specific  Website notice  . Please, read the notice which , each time, will illustrate the types of treatments or of  processing  made by Litostil ( e.g., the registration of the newsletter service, the access to the personal area, etc.). Your data processing will be in the respect of the privacy policy. 

5. Processing and retention of data and the communication sector 

Data will be processed both by electronic and manual means  (e.g., for managing the purchases on the Website). Litostil  will protect the personal data provided through the Website with lawfulness and fairiness, in the respect of the in force Regulation, with confidentiality for the data provided during registration. All collected data processed have an access protection  to prevent data from being intercepted. 

All data provided by users will be used for a period according to the specific rules given at the data collection. 

See our Cookie Policy for the  retention of data collected through profiling technologies (e.g., cookies).

Data may not be disseminated or  communicated to  third parties otherwise indicated  in the data processing notice given to the user and prior to his or her authorization.

6 . Links

This processing policy is exclusively used for the site and not for any other websites visited by the user through data link connections. Litostil shall not be held liable for the personal data provided by the users to third parties or to  websites linked to this Website. 

7. Profiling Technologies and /or customized services   

No offers or advertising are placed by Litostil without the user's prior written consent. 

The Website uses "cookies" : technology cookies ( to facilitate the use and the browse of the Website) and profiling cookies to study  users' behaviour and preferences, and to  tailor advertising). 

For  further and more detailed information about cookies used in the Website how to remove them, please see our Cookie Policy 

8.  Where we process data

Processing  services of the Website are made (i) by the processing data controller at Litostil premises as in  nr. 1 of this policy; (ii) by the service providers related to the Website managing, appointed as local   officers. You may require a  full list of the local officers appointed by Pixarprinting;  please contact us (see nr. 9 of this Privacy Policy).

In order to manage our  Website properly  and to fulfill our agreement obligations, your personal data may be transferred to non-European countries such as Tunisia, United Kingdom and San Marino.

Data will be transferred in the respect of  guarantee, measures and rights as provided  by the Privacy Policy. For  further information on your data transfer and on the guarantee of adequacy for their protection contact us ( see n. 9 of this policy). 

9. Rights  

At any  moment,  you may exercise your rights noted in art. 15 and art. 23 of the Regulation with and extreme simplicity sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address; with which you may, therefore, get to know the data we are processing, the method and the purpose we are doing it, you may ask to modify or delete the data you provided us,  to limit the use of your data, to receive or transmit you data. At any time you may change your consent ( you provided us), and besides you have the right to object to the processing of  your personal data, in particular for marketing and targeting of your preferences.

10.  Claims

You are entitled to file your claims, whenever you are not satisfied with the answers received by Litostil ( see nr. 8), you may always, whenever you think that   the processing of you personal data violates the Regulation herein, submit a claims to the Italian privacy authority ( or to the Privacy Authority of the country you live in, work in or the country in which the supposed violation has taken place. 

11. Privacy Applicable  Law

 This Privacy Policy is ruled by UE 879/2016 Regulation and by the Italian National Law applicable to  each specific case, will be valid and in force   from the effective date of the Regulation 25th May 2018.

The Regulation guarantees the respect of the rights, the fundamental freedom, dignity of the user concerning the privacy, personal identity and the rights for the personal data protection.

12. Amendments

Litostli exercises its right to partly or fully amend this Privacy Policy, or simply to update its content, at its own will, at any time with no prior communication,  also in compliance with the changes of the  privacy laws and regulations.

Any  Amendment or update of this Privacy Policy will be notified (i)  by e-mail address registered  on this Website; (ii)  by means of a notice  published on the Home Page of the Site,  any amendment or update will become  effective as soon  as they will be notified.  

Listostil  therefore invites you to regularly visit this Privacy Policy section  in order to acquaint yourself with the latest, updated version of the Privacy Policy,  or to check your e-mail. 

 Visit the site of the Italian Privacy Authority to read the whole UE 679/2016 Regulation