Michele, IV3RAV

I'm Michele Corvino and I have been “on air” since July 1991 with the call sign of IW3RJI (special licence) and since January 1997 with the call sign of IV3RAV (general license). I operate on all HF bands and you can connect with me both through SSB and CW or through the digital systems: RTTY is what I prefer. I take part in the main HF contests focusing on CQWW RTTY, SSB and CW usually as a multi operator with my contest call sign II3A, together with my brother Nicola IV3HYD and some other friends. During the contest you can hear me with the call sign IR3A, which is Nicola’s (IV3HYD) qrz. Nicola and I work together and we have the same timetable, so it’s easy to connect and hear us on the radio at the same time. This is my private life, not counting HF experience: I was born in February 1975 and I live at Fagagna, an amazing village in the province of Udine which was admitted to “Borghi più belli d’Italia” (an association of small Italian towns of historical interest). It was here that I met Marina who became my wife in September 2001. I’ve never thanked her enough for her support and for bearing with me while I follow my passion for HF. She deserves it : thank you from the bottom of my heart. Together we share many hobbies and pastimes: we obtain the mushrooms picking license and the truffles national picking license, and the fishing one as well. We adore playing billiards. There’s still one more thing that we are bonded over and we share the same love for motorcycles. Marina has a Kawasaki VN 750 and I have a Kawasaki Mean Streak 1500. Collecting is one of my passions, in fact I’m a fond collector of old coins, Italian and foreign banknotes, eraser, topical stamps relating mushrooms, magnets and old postcards portraying my village


Nicola, IV3HYD

Hi, my name is Nicola and I was born in October 1971.

Twentyone years ago I started my passion for the world of amateur radio. I got the first amateur radio license with the call IW3RKK in July 1991 and the first class license in January 1995 with the call IV3HYD. During the main contest I using the special call IR3A. I share my shack with my brother Michele, his call is IV3RAV or II3A during the contest. We transmit on the HF bands especially in SSB, CW and RTTY We have the same working time and is very easy to contact or listen us at the same time. I have many other hobbies, including woodworking, motorcycle rides with my Harley Davidson, shooting range with guns and rifles, fishing and others.


Litostil & Corvino Edizioni

We are the owners of Litostil, a printing company specialized in offset and digital printing, and also of Corvino Edizioni, a publishing house that deals with the creation of books of various contents.

Nata nel 1976 la Litostil si è affermata nel settore della stampa mantenendo intatti l’entusiasmo e la passione originarie e seguendo le evoluzioni dell’ industria grafica. Oggi avvalendoci  di moderne tecnologie e di un team di lavoro esperto ed affiatato siamo in grado di progettare, trovare soluzioni grafiche, proporre, impaginare e realizzare una vasta gamma di prodotti. La Litostil è un partner ideale in grado di accompagnarvi passo dopo passo nella realizzazione dei Vostri progetti. Il nostro Team Vi fornirà una consulenza qualificata in tutte le fasi della lavorazione, dalla stesura della prima bozza fino alla stampa. Dar vita, forma e colore alle vostre idee è la nostra soddisfazione più grande. Dalla pluridecennale azienda grafica Litostil, è nata, grazie all’entusiasmo dei titolari e alla loro inclinazione alla cultura, la CORVINO EDIZIONI, Casa Editrice che si occupa della pubblicazione di libri dai vari contenuti.