Cookie Policy

1. What are cookies , what are they for?

In 1994 Lou Montulli, an employee of Nestcape, had the idea of using cookies to overcome the limits which prevented the computers linked to a webpage from being identified. Without cookies websites may not recognized whether two requests come from the same device, for this purpose to each cookie is given a string device or label.

Cookies are stored in the user's computer hard disk or in the  computer memory. Cookies are a small text file sent from  the web server (web server is the computer that hosted the website you are browsing in ) to the user's browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.), cookies are stored in your device  when you visit a website like Litostil. Cookies let you navigate between the pages efficiently and improve browsing performances. Cookies are used for web analytics and intelligence and provide Litostil with information to tailor and improve your experience saving your interests and your browsing. 

Cookies are like an exclusively personal identification card, the task of which is transmitted to Litostil when you  visit  the Website again. Cookies are used by most websites as well as our website (Website). Cookies may record how often you visit the site pages to identify  the users' interests, in order to provide those products or services according to a specific users' behavior or interest.  Cookies allow better performances, to remember users' choices, user's name, to patent product or services and to tailor web pages. 

Cookies do  not  collect information that identifies a visitor. In fact, Litostil may not use cookies to trace back to any personal data to identify the visitor (e.g. name, surname) unless prior to the user's consent. Besides, other websites can't use a cookie released by the  Website   to access to information on the user's computer. Once  the cookie has been stored in the computer, it may be read only by the web site that has created it ( therefore  by in our case). Actually, if users  don't sign in the Website and don't provide us with personal data, the server has got only the information that somebody with that cookie has visited us again. Nothing more than that. 

Cookies may be session cookies (when they are stored only for the time of the swift passage from the site and disappeared by the time the user reaches the checkout), or "persistent" (they are stored for a longer period, until they expire or until they are deleted or disabled by the user).

2. Cookies on this Website

Litostil uses different types of cookies and similar technologies, which have a specific function each.

To improve and enhance the use of the site and the full functionality of the online purchase and the tailored features, computers, tablets or mobile devices have to enable cookies in. Our cookie policy about the use of cookies provides details of the types of cookies used and how they are managed, controlled and disabled.

Cookies may not damage your device.

Technical cookies

Since the first access  these cookies enable the site to work properly and  the users to visualized the contents on their devices, it detects the language and the market of the country chosen for the connection. If you are a registered user, cookies will enable you  to be recognized and let you in the services offered in the specific areas. These cookies are technical cookies  necessary to make the site work properly.

These cookies are temporary, such as session cookies, they are released by the Website to the user's computer during the  browsing, they are saved only for the time of the visit. It means that when the users check out, the cookies are automatically deleted and disappear, they are not  stored in the computer. They are made of random numbers by the server and need to allow a safe and successful surfing session  of the site.

Functionality  Cookies

These cookies allow, according to your expressed consent, to facilitate the user's navigation into the Website, they will remember  your information and settings when you visit it in the future, so you don't have to register in the site again (e.g., "Remember me next time", as in the  authentication cookie or  identifier).

If you have added items to your Shopping Bag or Cart but you have closed your session without completing the purchase, these cookies allow you  to continue the shopping to your next access (within  a limited time) they find  the items you've previously  selected, at once. 

Functionality cookies are not necessary for the Website, but they improve the quality and the navigation experience.

Analytical Cookies

These cookies are used to develop  analytics about  users' navigation in our Website.

All  information collected by Litostil through analytics is anonymous and it is used for  statistic purposes only if the provider  uses cookies linked to the browser  or to other devices used to visit the site. The Website uses some services of third parties, who may install their own cookies autonomously.

Marketing and profiling cookies   

These cookies create profiles for the users' browsing, to send  targeted advertisements, according to their site navigation, or to improve your navigation experience: during the  browsing in our site these cookies are useful to show you the products  you are interested in  or similar items to those you have selected. Those cookies are released by the Website on the user's computer during browsing and are stored beyond the session time until they expire and are deleted by the user (see. "persistent cookies").

The user's actual  informed consent is required to use this type of cookies.

Social network cookies 

These cookies enable the interaction with our Website with your social account, e.g., you can show you likes to and can share them with your social friends. The social network cookies are not necessary for browsing.

3. Cookies released  by Litostil

Information about cookies released by the Website is as follows:

1) The  domain where the Website server released cookies is:

2) Purpose for data collection:  cookies are used to: (i) enable an easier and faster Website browsing, or to make anonymous statistical surveys/tests on the  use of the site (see: Technical cookies); (ii) improve the web navigation  experience, surveying the user's choices (e.g., visited pages, products added to the cart, etc.) and to improve your online experience suggesting  the best products and best promotions according to  your browsing (profiling cookies).

3) Expiry date of cookies

The Website uses session cookies (cookies that are automatically deleted once you close your browser); it also uses persistent cookies ( cookies stored until the user will delete or disable them), in this case the expiry date will be within 90 days.

4) Is it compulsory to accept cookies? You needn't accept cookies. Yet, if you disable navigation cookies or functional ones the site may suffer from malfunctioning or/and the service may be limited.

5) Data Communication: information collected through cookies are confidential, they will not be communicated to third parties.

4. Third-party cookies

The Website uses third-party cookies (e.g, Google Analytics and Social network cookies), they are cookies released and managed by third parties, not only by Litostil. These cookies enable to offer our products on other affiliate websites (retargeting). We don't control such third-party sites, nor the information provided by cookies and we don't have the access to those data. This information is controlled by the third-party companies according to their privacy policy.

For further information on third parties cookies relating to advertising and for a free  and informed choice, we let you have a list of  third-party websites:

    • Accengage:

    • Adroll:

    • Awin:

    • Bing:

    • Crazy Egg:

    • Criteo:

    • Effiliation:

    • Exacttarget:

    • Facebook:

    • Google Adwords:

    • Google Analytics:

    • Google Doubleclick:

    • Kameleoon:

    • Salesforce DMP:

    • Tradedoubler:

    • Zanox:

    • Pinterest:


5. Disable or delete cookies through web browser

At any time you may  disable/enable or delete cookies through the options on your web browser. If you don't want to receive cookies any more, you may set your browser so that you may  receive a notification of cookies presence, so you can decide whether you may accept them  or not; you can automatically refuse all the cookies, choosing the option in your browser. You may also remove the cookies that have been installed inside the browser, or you may block the  cookies  installation made  by  specific websites into your computer or you may block third-party cookies.

Any browser processes cookies in a different way, in the control panel or  in the  internet options  you may modify/manage the parameters and go on removing the cookies.

In  order to disable all or only one of the cookies, you need to modify the browser navigation  settings (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.). 

See the information on the Conditions of use  of your browser (Help Page) or click the following links

Internet Explorer:




For futher information about  cookies and for managing your choices on  third-party profiling cookies, please visit

To disable the analytical cookies and stop Google Analytics to collected your navigation data, you may download the additional browser component to disable Google Analytics:

Beside the abovementioned, if you log into the tab "Privacy Centre" you may manage  the cookie consent in an intuitive, selective  way  by simply clicking "On/Off"

6. Accept/enable cookies 

By visiting and using the Website, closing the cookie information banner or by clicking any part of this page, or by scrolling it to read it,  users acknowledge to have viewed  Litostil Cookie policy and  are  deemed to have agreed to the provisions  and give consent to use cookies. The configuration of  an  Internet Browser (e.g., Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera), may be considered a valid consent to accept cookies.

You will be asked your consent only at your first access to the Website.  Technical Cookies  Installed  will save your consent for your future browsing. You will visit our Website pages when you return to the Website,  without a new consent, notwithstanding your right to  disable/enable  or delete cookies at any time  (see section 5): in that case when you return to our Website, you will be asked your consent again. 

If users register in the Website and give their express consent to have their navigation tracked, the navigation data inside the Website may be linked to their personal data.

7. Your rights

At any time you may submit your personal requests to the following e-mail address, to exercise your rights pursuant to  the  Regulation clauses from  nr 15 to nr 23. You may inquire as to  the nature of the personal  information stored and processed, you may modify or delete the data you have provided, you may ask for a limitation of their use, or you may ask a copy of them, notwithstanding you may change your consent or object to the use of your personal data. 

8.  Claims

Whenever you are not satisfied with the answers received by Litostil (pursuant to nr. 7 above), you may always, whenever you think that  the processing of you personal data violates the Regulation herein, submit a complaint to the Italian privacy authority ( or to the Privacy Authority of the country you live in, work in or the country in which the supposed violation has taken place. 

9. Data Protection Officer

 Contact the Data Protection Officer, pursuant to art. 37 of the  Regulation, at this e-mail address

10. The Law applicable to process your personal data

Your data processing will be ruled   in compliance to the UE 879/2016  General Regulation  of Privacy  and to the Italian National Law applicable to  each specific case,  and it  will be valid and in force   from the effective date of the Regulation 25th May 2018.

For further information about your data processing on this Website, please visit our section Privacy