Wallpaper Hamzones Map

This wallpaper printed map is really a new product to customize your shack!

It's a wallpaper on TNT laminated PVC with B-S2,d0 class fireproof treatment and CE mark. The installation is very simple. Apply the usual glue for this type of materials on the wall and then apply over the wallpaper printed map.

Do you need a custom size for your wall? Ask us for the right size keeping the relationship between high and width. Please pay attention when asking for a custom size: if your wall is, for example, 270x400cm you should point out if the map will cover the whole surface, in this case we will print a slightly larger size for sides in such a way that you will be able to cut out the edges and achieve a perfect match with your wall. The graphic file ew've created is vectorial, therefore it can be printed in very large sizes without losing any quality. If the size you choose is very big the wallpaper is split in different strips to apply side by side.


Product customization

Insert the data or upload a file with your logo or a picture. The uploaded file must be a JPG with 72dpi and a minimum size of 50x50cm. Pictures will be printed as received, we DO NOT edit them, so the print quality is directly related to the picture quality. We are not responsable for the final quality result of the custom logo/image.

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For custom sizes contact us: info@hamzones.com


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